A quick pencil portrait

Art, Figurative drawing, Media, Mixed media, Modern Art, Pencil drawing

Pencil drawing

Quickly made in the autumn of 2016, mixed media of pencil and watercolour.


One from the archives

Art, Doodle, Ink drawing, Media


A simple pen drawing made in 2011, (perhaps bordering on a doodle) of a cigarette ashtray. Probably made with a fountain pen, certainly these types of pens are excellent for drawing with as well as writing.  I like the simplicity of this, it is what it is.

Some ‘concept art/readymades’…

Abstract Art, Acrylic painting, Art, Media, Mixed media, Modern Art

Acrylic paint applied on some old workshoes of mine, top left depicts an abstract design perhaps inspired by Jackson Pollock.  The other two are of a simple landscape design, perhaps inspired by the Trent washlands near to where I live, painted in March 2017.