Some new artwork, made October and November 2018.

Abstract Art, Acrylic painting, Architecture, Art, Cubism, Design, Media, Mixed media, Modern Art



(Autumn2018 Series) abstract 1

Abstract Art, Acrylic painting, Art, Cubism, Media, Modern Art


Gouache on canvas, A3 size, done quickly, September 25th 2018.  Hopefully the first of a few paintings that I have dubbed the ‘autumn2018’ series.  I do feel I have got to a stage where a style in my artwork is emerging at last.

2 new pieces

Abstract Art, Acrylic painting, Art, Cubism, Figurative drawing, Figurative painting, Media, Mixed media, Modern Art, Picasso

(Left) an acrylic painting I did from a photo of an installation piece by the artist Shirin Fakhim, (2008) and (Right) a mixed media effort, coloured card and acrylic paint has been used in this reclining nude semi-abstract picture.