A quick mixed media portrait

Abstract Art, Art, Cubism, Digital Art, Media, Mixed media, Modern Art, Pencil drawing, Postmodernism

Multimedia art

Watercolour on paper, heavy pencil use and some digital effects have been used in this portrait of American gangster Al Capone.


3 Actresses, 3 Canvases, 3 Hours.

Acrylic painting, Art, Cubism, Figurative painting, Media, Modern Art

Made 23rd and 24th March, each sqaure painting took an hour, that was the time limit I set myself on this project.  A triptych, portraits of three actresses in acrylic paint on canvas.

Some new #artwork

Abstract Art, Acrylic painting, Art, Digital Art, Figurative drawing, Figurative painting, Ink drawing, Media, Mixed media, Modern Art, Pencil drawing, Photography, Still life